Feel the Breeze: The Winds of Lake Garda


feel the breeze lpcc post

Every sailor understands the importance of good wind conditions. Too strong and your boat capsizes…non-existent and you can wave goodbye to the idea of sailing for the day.

Wind is unpredictable and those who schedule events months in advance can find themselves staring in horror at the weather forecast, realizing that the knots are not ideal and backup plans will need to be utilized.

Then, there are the winds of Lake Garda. The lake nestled in Italy is well known for its two thermal winds, affectionately called, L’Ora and il Peler. These winds are dependable and predictable, two favorite characteristics for sailors concerning wind conditions. These winds are so predictable that is possible to understand the wind conditions yearly at Lake Garda. According to Europaholidays.com, “The morning wind, Peler, arrives from the North and starts at first light, blowing anything from Beaufort 4-6. After about 11am, the southerly breeze, Ora, starts up and continues to build in strength into the afternoon reaching its peak of 3-4 Beaufort by about 2pm.”

The morning wind provides the perfect setting for intermediate to expert sailors, and the relatively calm southerly breeze in the afternoon sets the stage for beginners. Luckily for those sailing in the 2016 LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup, there will be many opportunities for sailing throughout the day, providing insight- to all participants- into the famous winds of Lake Garda.