LPCC: Clean Regatta Update

LPCC: Clean Regatta Update

The LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup has officially registered as a Clean Regatta under Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regatta program: http://laserperformancecollegiatecup.com/event/clean-regatta/.

What does this mean?

We want to make sure the regatta being held in August upholds the highest level of standards when it comes to being environmentally aware.

Mentioned in our previous announcement, the LPCC 2016 will undertake several efforts in our Clean Regatta campaign. The first being formation of a Green Team. Shaina Vlaun, LaserPerformance’s Marketing Executive, will be putting together a team of individuals committed to making sure there is little to no waste at the event, recycling bins are clearly labeled, and other green initiatives. 

The venue, Circolo Vela Torbole has been very eager to do its part in terms of following the Clean Regatta program. They have confirmed their ability to provide water to participants out on the water via coach boats or designated water boats. The LaserPerformance team is currently looking for reusable water bottle donations that they can provide to sailors which will further decrease our carbon footprint. In addition, the venue has agreed to offer vegetarian alternatives to lower the menu’s carbon footprint as well. No straws will be given out at meals and at least 85% of single-use dinnerware, including plates, cups, and cutlery will be eliminated too.

All of these changes and additions will help make the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup 2016 not only fun and enjoyable, but sustainable as well.

For more information on the Clean Regatta program or if you are interested in potential sponsorship of this event, contact Shaina Vlaun at Shaina.vlaun@laserperformance.com